This is me!

I was born in Southern Finland in 1972 into a creative family with a grandmother who was always knitting or sewing and my mother was also very artistic which she turned into teaching of porcelain-painting and creating calligraphy art. My grandfather was one of the original members of Hamina Art society creating murals and paintings.

Sewing a teahouse sculpture in February 2018

Probably my family had something to do with the fact that I was always painting or crafting something; being busy kept me out of trouble most of the days.

I continued from basic Elementary School to Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Art and Music, took my Matriculation Examination in 1991 and continued receiving degrees in Technical Illustration, Landscaping and Gardening on floristic side and later on, received a Diploma in Marketing Communications, Visual Design.


With Henry at home in October 2014

While studying, I continued painting and got involved with photography, did research in art history and traveled around in total of 27 countries. I have been lucky to get to visit Prado, Louvre and Vatican and experience fantastic architecture of Gaudi, touch the ancient stones of Cretan and Roman palaces and see the pain of Picasso's Quernica, to name a few of  the milestones that have had an influence on me.


Beginning with First Fridays in 2010

My husband's work brought us to USA in 2006, further to PA in 2010, where I found Pajama Factory art studios and painted for two years full time before returning to graphic designing again. We relocated to Baltimore, MD in August 2014 where my current home studio is. I received an AAS, Fashion Design degree in June 2016 and will graduate May 2018 with Bachelors degree from Visual Communication and Digital Media Arts program at Bowie State University.

At my studio during winter 2011