Burnoutosaurus reminds us to give and take love, saying no to stress

Meet burnoutosaurus: he was born from paper maché, burned Christmas tree candle-lights, and some plastic beads to remind us that smile, hugs, and caffeine really takes us far when stress really tries to pressure us down. And it is that time of the year again...

When there is not a fifteen minute gap to stop and sit down in a day, it is time to admit that you have to change your schedule. Or work. Or life. Whatever you do, don't keep pushing without a change: long term sleep deprivation can cause lifetime long insomnia problems, and you are not exactly living your life if you only see your family 15 minutes a day (even though that is enough to check that everyone has clean underwear and snacks to go). Remember that a smile goes a long way, and sometimes you have to forgive yourself and let go if you have hogged too much work to execute. People make mistakes and so do you (and me). So let's learn to say no, give more hugs, and take care of the poor burnoutosaurus. (By the way, he is available for a good caregiver for $75, contact me if interested). 

Posted on October 20, 2017 .

Early morning braille embroidered memory block.

Yes, I call it a memory block: the moment in a summer morning, when sun rises, humidity moves visibly in the air, and world seems so imaginably beautiful. I tried to capture the colors of it, coming down to yellows and oranges and the overpowering white light that the Mother Nature transfers in the sun rays. | 8x8x1.5 inch canvas block, acrylic, embroidered glass beading for braille code | $125 plus shipping, contact Veera for more info.

Posted on September 20, 2017 and filed under braille code painting.

For a bright future, tomorrow is Braille art witholding loads of hope

Small 20 cm square (8in sq) framed canvas block with white and metal-enhanced pattern sends a message with a lot of hope: a wish for a better tomorrow. This beaded Braille writing, typing to mo rr ow in four rows is a symbolic reminder that we do have reason to wake up and get going: to preserve our children some of the Mother Nature in a hope of improved, healthy future.
This block was created as a gift, however, requests for other hand created, embroidered or other Braille messages are welcomed to be commissioned, prized for this size in $150 range.

Posted on July 11, 2017 .

Summer in a Jar for the first week of July

New Summer in a Jar -design celebrates the beauty of the summer as this has been the coldest one I can remember, beginning from my childhood. Nevertheless, the traditional flowers still show up and butterflies as well, awakening summer feelings regardless of the temperature. Displaying Finnish flowers I shot around my cottage premises from June, Summer in a Jar literally preserves memories from the beauty of the nature, including a new species that I learned, karttaperhonen or orange and brown butterfly. Design is available printed on notebooks, canvas, fabric, throw pillows under $20 and even on a duvet, delivered anywhere in Europe or USA.

Posted on July 7, 2017 .

A balancing act is an ode to everyday life

After three months of horrible schedules and running with a minute timetable, I find myself finally having weekends where I do not have to read for an exam, prepare a presentation, finalize a project, or meet a deadline: I simply can land to a normal weekend with cleaning, washing laundry, and most importantly, generating fun projects with my daughter. "A balancing act" is an ode to that normal life: for two days in a week where one only has to tend ones family and taking care of home, though in this case, my falling-apart summer cottage. Oh the enjoyment of a simple, don-deadlined world with composting outhouses!

Sculptures made of recycled materials with persons created out of champagne bottle cork wires are available for $50 plus shipping costs, contact veerapfaffli@gmail.com for requests!

Posted on June 25, 2017 .

lassoman in quicksand mini sculpture reflects this week

Some weeks are just like quicksand: no matter how much you try, in you start to sink. That's why another creature made from a found champagne cork wire came alive: a lassoman is about to sink in, but he has his lasso in the air. Anything can happen - just like in real life. 
Lassoman in quicksand is under 4 inches tall, his platform is made of 2x1 driftwood piece, and he is available for $50, contact Veera if interested.

Posted on April 9, 2017 .

Tornado reflects the turmoil of life

With a mirror reflecting the viewer's eye when peeked into from above, this tornado rises sturdily from a concrete base and simply makes its statement: this is life. Created from 14 gauge wire, red wireo wire, a inner stud from a broken umbrella handle, used mirror from a cosmetic case, concrete base poured into a coffee can mold, and finally topped with a white miniature dove rising from the storm, this is what the life basically is. Turmoil and getting through with it. Size approx 9 inches in diameter and 16 inches tall, this heavy statement is available for $75 plus shipping.

Posted on March 27, 2017 .

Miss Candy reminds us that life can be so sweet

Sometimes life happens more than other times - In my case, theFebruary blues shifted me to a snail gear with all of the small negatives in life just seeming to accumulate into giant problems. Thus, though posting a couple of weeks late, miss Candy came to my mind. Someone, who is always happy. Someone, who makes you happy just by looking at her. Here she is: miss Candy the cotton candy girl, topped with googly eyes and those perfect barbie limbs. Life can be sweet for you as well: available for $50 plus shipping.

circling planes describe the layers of life

This weeks Project describes the multiple layers of life and development of time. Constructed of recycled plastic bags and silver polyester thread infused together, wrapping around a metal thread skeleton and staples together, that just about wraps up our daily path.

Posted on March 13, 2017 .

Project and post 7 for 2017 goes bananas

Banana for the love of Minions is inspired by the Minion movie: I just had to generate the fabric interpretation that a lady in a yellow cab wears sewn into a modern dress - completely bananas. The fabric is available on my Spoonflower design gallery printed on many different fabrics from cotton to silk to faux suede, and for those who want the dress asap, Sprout has Anna-dress pattern as well as sewing service that ships globally as well available through this link. Go bananas!

Posted on February 19, 2017 .

Project 6 for 2017 In a light of a memory sends love during Valentines day

Handmade pieces of lace from my grandmother's tin box that I inherited are included in this LED-bulb fitted nighlight/moodlight, that can be hung, placed against window, or set on a shelf as the moment requires. My grandmother taught me how to sew and crochet, and a small tin box filled with her project laces, as well as some of her old sewing threads and hand-embroidered kitchen towels are still with me, and memories never fade away.

Non-heating moodlight with changeable C7 candelabra based LED heart is available for $50. email Veera for any information!




Posted on February 12, 2017 .

Light confession enlightens the 2017 third project of the week

Light confession is a mood/nightlight constructed of iphone 5 box and Christmas lights boxed in with a back panel. Front panel has perforated series of braille writing depicting word "confession". Available for $50, contact Veera for further information.

Cycle wing is project #28 trash sculpture

With summer in its prime, old items continue my project of the week sculptures. Another wing, this time bent out of aluminum bicycle chain cover, that I found buried from the ground. Driftwood piece from Gulf of Finland and rusty nail and piece of metal form the support for the sculpture.

Size of the ‘Cycle wing’ is approx. 2.5ft x 1ft, available for $75, ships easily anywhere as it is light; contact Veera if interested!

Posted on July 14, 2014 .

Project #27 is a sunflower fabric collection

Sunflowers belong in summer, and this collection of 6 sunflower fabrics was inspired by Finnish margarine ad from the late '70s: 'what did we spread on our bread prior to Flora'. The margarine package was white with big, stylized flowers surrounding the container. Somehow it came to my mind while at grocery store, now seeing greatly changed Flora package.

The Flora collection has three different colored sets: large and small patterns for white with bright colors, blue-teal cools and yellow-hot and pink flowers. On each, the large patterns have the same layout with six inches diameter flower faces, but all three small flower designs have different patterns from straight to alternating lines with 1.5 inch wide flowers. All six patterns show beatifully, or should I say, smashingly together and are available through my spoonflower store printed on fabric or wallpaper.

Posted on July 14, 2014 .