Project 1 angelwing sculpture from recycled materials

2014 Starts with firm decision to post at least one completed project, created out of something old, reused, upcycled or remade in general, once a week to a blog. Why? because I think this is one way to wake up people to recycle and see things with different eyes, thinking about environment. Who knows if it will, but 2014 is my year to test it!

Project #1  is angelwing,  sculpture made out of milk container plastic, old fridge copper tubing, and wood. I though it was an appropriate piece to start craftwingit blog, and we all need something reminding us of angels around us...

Angelwing is approx 1x2' in dimension, base covered with felt and available for $100 plus shipping costs. If interested, please contact Veera for more info.

Posted on January 1, 2014 and filed under recycled material art.