Gamelight mixed media sculpture nightlight

3rd Project for this year came together from discarded game console, Christmas house light, straps of metal, rivets and chunks of chopped old scrap wood. What else do you need for a space ship flight in the dark?

I love scifi more than any other movie genre. 'Bad'and good scifi - from lame Pacific Rim to ones that I consider real scifi, take Red Planet, for example. Science fiction gives us an escape from the every day life, a chance for everyone to become masters of their own lives for the duration of the film, just to wake up again next morning in wool socks to a barking sound of mobile phones alarm clock.

For believers of future, get my humor on 'gamelight', 23x9x7.5 inches. Available for $75 with change bulb for passengers in the night, scared of darkness. Contact Veera Pfaffli for more info.

Posted on January 19, 2014 .