Project 6 Watching eye with HAL in mind

Sixth project of the week and more of the viewer's humor is requested in the case of the Watching eye. Yes, it is only a plastic bottle cap, that has been run over by a car, but do you see the same as I do? Watching eye - with a twist, that for superstitious people, you can see in the closeup that the plastic actually has number 13 embossed to the inside. I walked over this squashed item, and immediately thought of 2001-A Space Odyssey's HAL, who sees everything (I know it was a spherical, red eye that HAL had and this is a bit far away from anything scientific, but go figure how your memory works). Anyways, now this discarded cap has a new status and is available for $50 to brighten up your dresser or night stand. Contact Veera if interested.

Posted on February 16, 2014 .