Project #17 cow jewelry stand

Cow in front of huge ad stand features project number 17, ‘cow jewelry stand’. That’s right, you can hang jewelry from the ad part and the pasture grass is perfect for watches, rings and brooches to rest when not in use. Idea for this piece came from Geico’s ad, where old McDonald fails in a spelling competition after adding ‘eieiou’ after spelling cow. Dagnabbit, this is available for a new home for $50 as most of the project of the week sculptures.

Contact Veera if interested in getting this to your home shipped. Remember, this is definite conversation piece if you want to show something a bit weird in your home. Made out of sanded 2x4”, birch plywood, astro turf, glue, screws, acrylic paint, and of course, starring a miniature railway accessory cow.  

Posted on May 16, 2014 .