Project #27 is a sunflower fabric collection

Sunflowers belong in summer, and this collection of 6 sunflower fabrics was inspired by Finnish margarine ad from the late '70s: 'what did we spread on our bread prior to Flora'. The margarine package was white with big, stylized flowers surrounding the container. Somehow it came to my mind while at grocery store, now seeing greatly changed Flora package.

The Flora collection has three different colored sets: large and small patterns for white with bright colors, blue-teal cools and yellow-hot and pink flowers. On each, the large patterns have the same layout with six inches diameter flower faces, but all three small flower designs have different patterns from straight to alternating lines with 1.5 inch wide flowers. All six patterns show beatifully, or should I say, smashingly together and are available through my spoonflower store printed on fabric or wallpaper.

Posted on July 14, 2014 .