Shiny lip gloss smile reveals the culture of trash

I have for years collected "trash": picked up interesting items that people are throwing away, walk my nose on the pavement, run for a spacer on the asfalt, and can't pass a broken umbrella. - Believe it or not, I am very organized and clean person as well, which anyone who visited my high school rental room would obviously not buy. But I am: building trash sculptures and mixed media art actually gets ignited, the inspiration rises when I see interesting items in their big glass jars or labeled shoe boxes piled cleanly next to each other, waiting to be discovered.
"Nothing cracks a smile like a shiny lip gloss" is a trash sculpture based on a squished, perforated plastic ball that I found from a curb. I had to bring the ball back to life, so red lips did the trick - meet Ruby, everyone!

This sculpture is 6.25 wide, 8.75 inches tall, and fits into a narrow slot on a window sill with only 1.5 inches needed (16x23x4 cm approx). You can get Ruby to your home for $50, inquire here!
Ruby also witholds a used chopstick (yes, I did clean it after the chinese meal), and leftover wood from a construction site. Though Ruby is upcycled, her red lips say: I should have been recycled and not thrown away. - Listen to her, folks!