2017 with the movements of mercury

Mercury fits perfectly to the temperatures of January and to the start of a new year 2017: back home in Finland, it is currently -25C, while we just returned from Florida's paradise with same amount of plus degrees and warmth.
Thus, this year's first painting, mercury, with braille dots, has the liquid silver metal in high glossy areas painted on it in metal blue and red thin stripes drawing the temperature and symbolizing the measuring of our breathable times. You can see the light changing the character of the painting, like quicksilver. 24x24 inches (60x60 cm), 1 3/8inches (3.5 cm) profile. Available for $300 at Vangoart: https://www.vangoart.co/veera-pfaffli/abstract-mercury-painting-with-braille-writing

Mercury is many things: elohopea, quicksilver, chemical element number 80, liquid metal in our livable temperatures, which was used to show the temperature in thermometers, as medicine, in dental works, and - here here- used as  Cinnabar: mercury sulfite as the red powder color in cave paintings 30,000 years ago by the Palaeolithic painters (rsc.org). So with the new year, we get a reminder, that there really is nothing new under the sun - which does not prevent us from enjoying the same discovered enjoyment of painting as the cavemen did thousands of years ago!

Posted on January 8, 2017 and filed under braille code painting.