Burnoutosaurus reminds us to give and take love, saying no to stress

Meet burnoutosaurus: he was born from paper maché, burned Christmas tree candle-lights, and some plastic beads to remind us that smile, hugs, and caffeine really takes us far when stress really tries to pressure us down. And it is that time of the year again...

When there is not a fifteen minute gap to stop and sit down in a day, it is time to admit that you have to change your schedule. Or work. Or life. Whatever you do, don't keep pushing without a change: long term sleep deprivation can cause lifetime long insomnia problems, and you are not exactly living your life if you only see your family 15 minutes a day (even though that is enough to check that everyone has clean underwear and snacks to go). Remember that a smile goes a long way, and sometimes you have to forgive yourself and let go if you have hogged too much work to execute. People make mistakes and so do you (and me). So let's learn to say no, give more hugs, and take care of the poor burnoutosaurus. (By the way, he is available for a good caregiver for $75, contact me if interested). 

Posted on October 20, 2017 .