A balancing act is an ode to everyday life

After three months of horrible schedules and running with a minute timetable, I find myself finally having weekends where I do not have to read for an exam, prepare a presentation, finalize a project, or meet a deadline: I simply can land to a normal weekend with cleaning, washing laundry, and most importantly, generating fun projects with my daughter. "A balancing act" is an ode to that normal life: for two days in a week where one only has to tend ones family and taking care of home, though in this case, my falling-apart summer cottage. Oh the enjoyment of a simple, don-deadlined world with composting outhouses!

Sculptures made of recycled materials with persons created out of champagne bottle cork wires are available for $50 plus shipping costs, contact veerapfaffli@gmail.com for requests!

Posted on June 25, 2017 .