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Early morning braille embroidered memory block.

Yes, I call it a memory block: the moment in a summer morning, when sun rises, humidity moves visibly in the air, and world seems so imaginably beautiful. I tried to capture the colors of it, coming down to yellows and oranges and the overpowering white light that the Mother Nature transfers in the sun rays. | 8x8x1.5 inch canvas block, acrylic, embroidered glass beading for braille code | $125 plus shipping, contact Veera for more info.

Posted on September 20, 2017 and filed under braille code painting.

Miss Candy reminds us that life can be so sweet

Sometimes life happens more than other times - In my case, theFebruary blues shifted me to a snail gear with all of the small negatives in life just seeming to accumulate into giant problems. Thus, though posting a couple of weeks late, miss Candy came to my mind. Someone, who is always happy. Someone, who makes you happy just by looking at her. Here she is: miss Candy the cotton candy girl, topped with googly eyes and those perfect barbie limbs. Life can be sweet for you as well: available for $50 plus shipping.

Light confession enlightens the 2017 third project of the week

Light confession is a mood/nightlight constructed of iphone 5 box and Christmas lights boxed in with a back panel. Front panel has perforated series of braille writing depicting word "confession". Available for $50, contact Veera for further information.