YES I need to get an update here, new surface patterns are on their way for the late fall of November. While waiting for new, check the current shop that displays my patterns and photos, available from greeting cards to miniskirts, new items are cooking for upcycled milk-carton lunch boxes to zippered multipurpose-pouches made out of coffee bags (yes, the lingering caffeine odor stays there as a bonus). Stay tuned!

For fabric, wallpaper, design decal, and giftwrap products, please go to my Spoonflower collection. 
Veerapfaffli/craftwingit is a blog that displays Veera's projects from scavengerart to Braille beading. Items are available for purchase, and I welcome specialized requests for personalized creations as well, see below:

Get your 2018 spring on!

Lovebirds fly to your home for tea towels, napkins, or placemats - or get crazy and wallpaper a whole new dinner nook look!




Beloved Birds - solo show from 2016

Veera Pfaffli creates art, mostly binary code -related, in a form of acrylic paintings, original lithography prints, carbon steel welded sculptures, and mixed media creations.

Above Pronto plate lithography shown. Commissioned pieces welcomed for all medias.

EGGHIBITION!  Thank you for all who participated and purchased eggs from the family of 25 eggs - show in 2014, previous images here.  Egg prints from originals are available in Finland printed on 20mm plywood backing, and on A4 cardstock, contact  Veera for more information. For US and other customers, Egghibition images shown in the slideshow, are now affordably available on greeting cards and wall art - check my page on Redbubble! 


Passion for trash: I have always collected used items, interesting shapes, saved broken things to be transformed to something else. After 40 years, I finally started transforming my 'collections' into individual small sculptures.


Acrylic painting with rotatable, recycled saw blade creates 3D dimension to wall.

Situation Speed is a mixed media piece with a story. My other, versatile sculptures from recycled pieces to carbon steel can be browsed here.