Inspiration from greatness hiding from the world

Fashion Design is quite far from just styling, sketching, "having a good taste", or, as many people think, just owning oneself to "style". Nope. Fashion Design is first and foremost knowing how the body moves, how fabrics behave, and having a way to generate a from-hugging dart, or yes, just very well fitting pair of pants. Fashion design is craftmanship from the initial sketch to patterns, measurements, choosing the rights fabric, the actual physical execution of sewing, until it all finally pulls together as something functional that can be "styled" for a photoshoot.
When it comes to the craftmanship, I gladly announce myself as a novice. After having introduced to a sewing machine for more than 35 years ago, and knowing basics in embroidery, crocheting, knitting, and hand sewing in general, I can say that I have a hunch how garments should look like when finalized. Unfortunately, I don't always get closer than probably 90%  in technical execution, but at least, I am trying, and improving.
One of my great idols is Madame Grés, 1903-1993, or Alix Barton, a French couturier and costume designer, whose sculptural Greek goddess-dress reminding, sometimes hundreds of hours taken pleats peaked at the top of Parisian fashion in 1935-1950 (of course, having the second WW in between). Later in the sixties, and continuing to seventies, Grés designed breathtaking, minimalist and high quality tailoring -demanding ladies ensembles that personally appeal most to my aesthetics. This simplicity, but high quality execution, is something that I will always try to achieve in my designs.

Posted on November 17, 2017 .