Networking within the family

Leaving this week from IKEA was like leaving a family, this is how much I have enjoyed my time with the communications and interior design, visual merchandising team. The core people I have worked with have consisted of four visual merchandisers, two carpenters, communications manager, activity leader, interior design manager, and the group manager. With the varying scopes of work that these people have executed, my internship time has been very interesting and different as well. With tight schedules, I have been able to provide help as “round-worker”, meaning I jump when there is fire: I have helped with painting the walls, physically assembling lighting and racking, tracking goods from the supply chain and storage, assembled the goods, provided customer service (clients always ask you something when you are 8 ft above them on a ladder), built “rooms” based on small images only, sewn curtains, and taped decals that are all related with different job descriptions within the Com&In group.

Round-work has meant also that I have gotten to know the people I have worked with, and as their feedback, some connected with me personally on facebook and LinkedIn, offering to help me to find a spot within IKEA when I graduate next spring. This is the beauty of a company like IKEA: people who have stayed within the company for years, really know other people from IKEAs around the world, and they always ask internally for recommendations when hiring new people. Sadly, I had to leave my internship this week but at least I have good memories and connections left from it: here is a picture of a picnic they arranged for me during the last week with five of my co-workers getting there after work, just to say goodbye to me. Sniff!

Posted on July 30, 2017 .