Swinging the carefully planned

All campaigns, layouts, goods provided, and visuals that connect with the campaign are carefully planned basically six months prior launch-date. In reality, some campaigns do get only two month’s head-time, which does not only give headache to the final visual step, but causes pressure in logistics, warehouse functions, communication (the advertising part), and all steps that are related with a campaign – starting physically from the fact, that the department at least has to have space to build a communications area for the advertised product.

On my last day at work, he round-work shift turned into building a communications area that was an example of “something went wrong in the chain”- reality: the drawings were made on time, the space was reserved in the department floor, but the autumn goods and the actual furniture for the communications podium were not there, and the empty space had to be filled to match the upcoming ad-campaigns. This was highly unusual, but VM Eedith and myself simply ended up building a communications area from what we could find from the storage, using actual items for sale as part of the building material, and filling platforms with color-coordinated and newest items available in the department, from storage to finished in three hours.

Posted on July 30, 2017 .